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No Rights? Set it Right…

norightsFor many workers producing clothing such as that that will be worn by athletes competing in the Olympic Games, the right to stand together with other workers and demand a fairer deal is crucial. Yet this is a right that is systematically denied to workers across the board.

To mark the 400 days to go to the Olympics date, the Playfair 2012 Campaign are calling on you to do something about this and stand in solidarity with workers who have been denied their right to a voice.

We’re contacting a long list of brands who are producing sportswear and sports leisurewear in Indonesia to ask them to sign a protocol (already signed by adidas, Nike and Puma) that has been developed in Indonesia by unions, suppliers and brands to enable this vitally important right – the right for workers to be able to unite together and bargain with employers for better wages and conditions.

Send a message to
Lotto, Mizuno, Next, Gap, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Columbia Sportswear
to ask them to take action


June 22nd, 2011

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