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Adidas, Nike and Speedo: still lightweights on respecting workers’ rights

Playfair 2012 and the international Play Fair campaign have maintained regular dialogue with Adidas, the official sportswear sponsor for London 2012; Nike and Pentland (makers of Speedo) on respecting workers’ rights in their global supply chains. Dialogue has focused on our key demands – paying a living wage; taking a positive approach to trade unionism; providing job security; and building long-term relationships with suppliers. The campaigns have made practical suggestions about how positive changes can be made.

While the brands have made some improvements in some areas, and mainly on paper, they still aren’t pulling their weight when it comes to respecting the human rights of the workers who make their products.Â

Read about what Adidas, Nike and Speedo say they are doing on respecting workers’ rights – and Play Fair’s response

December 21st, 2011

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