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Action closing…Tell Adidas, Nike and Speedo to stop fooling around with workers’ rights!

Playfair 2012’s online/card action calls on Adidas (the official sportswear sponsor for London 2012), Nike and Speedo (Pentland) to:

  • pay a living wage
  • take a positive approach to trade unions
  • provide job security
  • build long-term relationships with their suppliers.

This action will be closing on 1 April 2012, after which thousands of cards signed by Playfair 2012 supporters will be handed over to representatives from Adidas, Nike and Speedo in London.

Thank you if you have already taken this action. If you haven’t please do, and share it with friends and family: Tell Adidas, Nike and Speedo to stop fooling around with workers’ rights. Unfortunately, we aren’t closing the action because the brands have raised the bar on workers’ rights. In fact, they have made little progress on ensuring that the human rights of workers making their goods are respected. This table summaries what the brands say they are doing, and why it’s not nearly enough.

Playfair 2012 will be launching a new action targeting the big sportswear brands soon – so watch this space…

March 23rd, 2012

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