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New video: Alternative Opening Ceremony Party – 27 July

Featuring comic Paul Sinha, world-record breaking juggler Rod Laver, Tricity Vogue and her All-Girl Swing Band the film of the Alternative Opening Ceremony organised by Philosophy Football with the TUC and Playfair 2012 mixes campaign messages and dissident entertainment to create a sparkling 13 minutes of YouTube gold. Also featuring contributions from Mark Perryman author of Why The Olympics Aren’t Good For Us And How They Can Be, the head of the TUC International Dept Owen Tudor, environmental writer Bob Gilbert and David Goldblatt author of the best-selling How To Watch The Olympics. The Film of the night, by Gregg Macdonald of Consequential Films projects a brilliant combination of celebrating the Olympics with a well-grounded critical appraisal of what a better Games, for all, would look like.

View the video here!

August 6th, 2012

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