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Olympics blocks ‘Light the flame for workers’ human rights’ action

Olympic_Torch_Illustration_Text_On_Front - blockedThousands of campaigners calling on the International Olympic Committee to respect workers’ human rights have had their emails blocked by the IOC.

In recent weeks, campaigners who have taken the Playfair 2012 action Light the flame for workers’ human rights have been contacting us to let us know that their emails have been rejected. Our attempts to use different email addresses for the IOC and its members produces the same response – rejected.

It’s a shame that Jacques Rogge and the IOC don’t feel they need to listen to what so many people around the world are telling them, and we’ve contacted the IOC to tell them this.

It’s great that so many people have taken this action, and we want to make sure that supporters’ messages get through to the IOC, so we’ve started collecting everyone’s actions together and will now be making a petition, as evidence of international support for an exploitation-free Games. From now until the end of the 2012 Paralympic games, we want to build this petition as big as we can.

The IOC may think they can ignore us, but the international Play Fair campaign will be continuing to follow them on to Sochi 2014 and Brazil 2016, and we’ll be doing all we can to ensure the gains for workers made at London 2012 don’t get lost for future Games.

Blocking our emails won’t make international outrage at workers’ rights abuses just go away.

August 17th, 2012

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