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Teaching Toolkit

The Olympics presents educators with a unique opportunity to help students connect with cultures and lifestyles from around the world. On this page you will find a toolkit of interesting materials to help students critically engage in the issues of global production of sportswear and merchandise. These will be updated on a regular basis in the period leading up to London 2012.

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Step Into Her Trainers

A new resource for educators wanting to teach about sportswear and Olympic merchandise supply chains in now available. Step Into Her Trainers contains 10 ready to use activities for helping young people critically consider who makes the clothes and sporting merchandise they buy, and what can be done to improve their rights.

The resource is aimed at KS4 and A-level, with curriculum links for fashion & textiles courses, citizenship and geography, but is easily adaptable for other age ranges and subjects.

Download a copy here.

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Playfair Quiz: Take the Playfair challenge

A ready to use pdf of the quiz presentation is available here. All you have to do it drop each page into a slide. Download a copy here. (PDF) or as a Powerpoint presentation

gameUnfair Factory Game

Our online game, Unfair Factory, is a great teaching resource for helping students understand the pressures of factory work, and the human rights difficulties encountered by workers.

Take a specific look at the ‘what’s the story?’ function which gives background facts for game players, the ‘contact the union’ function which allows players to stand up for their rights, and the ‘take action’ function where players can send an action email to Adidas, Nike and Pentland calling for better rights for sportswear and merchandise workers. A lesson plan suggestion for use of this game is available in the Step into Her Trainers resource – see activity 4.


Real life case studies of Adidas Sports Shoe Workers

Oxfam have a number of great case studies of garment workers making trainers for Adidas in Indonesia. The first can be found at:

Others are also available in the left hand navigation. Oxfam are also currently running a workers blog connecting Adidas workers with supporters. This is also a great teaching resource. See

Fashioning An Ethical Industry

Further Education materials about garment supply chains, including videos, pictures and powerpoints, can be found at

See also