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Student Materials Toolkit

Workers in sportswear and merchandise factories around the world today are earning poverty wages, working excessive hours, often on temporary contracts, without the right to join a trade union. These are the people making university hoodies, t-shirts, caps and bags, as well as those making the goods for the London 2012 Olympics. This toolkit is here to give you as a student ideas and inspiration for how to be active about improving workers’ rights in sweatshops. You can also order action cards, posters and stickers using our resource order form.

student action pack1Student Playfair Action Guide

This guide is to help you and your union take action about workers’ rights on your campus. Who are the people who make your hoodies and key fobs? And what is your university doing to ensure their rights are respected?

The resource contains 3 ways to take action, case studies, information and lots of other ideas.

Download a copy here.

Playfair Quiz Powerpoint

A ready to use pdf of a quiz you could use to help people learn about the issues is here. All you have to do it drop each page into a slide. Download a copy here.

Playfair Group Presentation Powerpoint

A ready to use pdf of a information presentation you could use in a group session is available here. All you have to do it drop each page into a slide. Download a copy here.

Playfair Press Release Template

If you hold any events, make sure to tell the press, your student newspaper, or the internet at large all about it. A template for sending out a press release is here. Download a copy.

gameUnfair Factory Game

Could you keep up with the pressures of working in a sweatshop? Well now you can find out by playing our online game.

Take a specific look at the ‘what’s the story?’ function which gives background facts for game players, the ‘contact the union’ function which allows players to stand up for their rights, and the ‘take action’ function where players can send an action email to Adidas, Nike and Pentland calling for better rights for sportswear and merchandise workers.


Real life case studies of Adidas Sports Shoe Workers

Oxfam have a number of great case studies of garment workers making trainers for Adidas in Indonesia. The first can be found at:

Others are also available in the left hand navigation. Oxfam are also currently running a workers blog connecting Adidas workers with supporters. This is also a great teaching resource. See