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What we want

Little has changed for workers since Beijing in 2008 and Athens 2004. Workers in Olympic supply chains continue to be paid poverty wages for working long hours with no independent voice in the workplace. Unless the Olympic movement and the big sportswear brands intervene to break the cycles of exploitation that exist in this industry, these human rights abuses will keep reoccurring from games to games. More needs to be done by the Olympic family and the big sportswear brands to ensure that the human rights of workers producing their goods are respected.

Playfair 2012 believes that the Olympic movement and the brands who make money from it can and should raise the bar for workers’ rights. These parties must ensure that internationally-recognised labour standards, embodied in the International Labour Organisation’s Core Conventions are respected for workers producing goods for the Olympics.

The Olympic brand is worth hundreds of millions of pounds to the sportswear industry, and this leverage should be used to ensure that the Olympic and Paralympic Games act as a beacon for fair play and dignity, not another example of exploitation.

Our demands

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