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Our demands to sportswear companies

Playfair 2012 is calling on Adidas, Nike, Speedo (Pentland), Next, New Balance, the North Face, Saucony, Brooks, Lululemon Athletica, Under Armour and Columbia Sportswear to take repsonsibility for working conditions in their supply chains and ensure that workers’ human rights are respected. Specifically, we’re calling on these brands to:

• Ensure that workers are paid a living wage allowing them to live in dignity.
• Provide job security through permanent, open-ended and direct employment.
• Address the negative impacts of their business practices on working conditions.
• Take a positive approach to trade union activities so that workers can have a voice in determining their pay and working conditions – vital to ending poverty and inequality.

And we are calling on brands to be fully transparent about their business practices and inform the public about where their goods are made and the conditions they are made in.

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How Adidas, Nike and Speedo are doing on respecting workers’ rights

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In 2008 companies submitted detailed information on a number of playfair policy and workers rights issues to the ‘clearing the hurdles’ webiste. This includes further responses from Adidas, Nike and Pentland: http://www.clearingthehurdles.org/response-chart