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Our demands to London 2012

The Playfair campaign continues to demand that London 2012 should deliver on recent commitments to:

  • provide information about workplace rights and national laws to workers in its supply chains;
  • provide training to some workers in the supply chain about their rights and how to complain if their rights are violated;
  • work with Playfair 2012 and the International Olympic Committee to ensure progress on respecting workers’ rights is built on from games to games.

Campaign progress:

As a result of engagement with Playfair 2012, LOCOG has required suppliers and licensees to comply with internationally recognised labour standards (ETI Base Code) and has developed a complaints mechanism so that violations of the code can be reported, investigated and resolved. LOCOG has also signed an agreement with the Playfair 2012 campaign to publish 70% of the locations of remaining production sites; set up a worker hotline; deliver trainings on rights for workers in key supplier factories; and work with independent evaluators to write up lessons learnt and best practice developed in London to pass on to Rio games organisers.

However, much of this is too little too late. Although the majority of production has already taken place, LOCOG is only now in the process of developing training for some workers, and workers across its supply chain have not been made aware in their local languages of their rights or how to use the complaints mechanism. LOCOG disclosed some of its supply chain locations in March, mainly in the UK and China, meaning that it is impossible for local unions elsewhere to verify its claims that its suppliers are respecting the human rights of workers.

Overall, LOCOG has gone further than any other Games organiser in taking steps to protect workers’ rights. It is vital that the Rio Organising Committee builds on LOCOG’s progress and makes advances where LOCOG has fallen short. Playfair 2012 continues to engage with LOCOG on outstanding issues.