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Fair Games? Not for workers making sportswear for the Olympics


“We are forced to take overtime work so at least it supplements our take-home pay. Otherwise, how can I survive with such meagre income, how can I pay rent for the small room where I stay, cope with my daily necessities, and send some money for my family in the province? At the end of the day it is zero balance; there are no savings left for whatever uncertain things may happen to me and my family.”
Afairgames worker at an adidas Olympics supplier factory in the Philippines, working on minimum wage for 10 years without a pay-rise.

The Fair Games? report investigated working conditions in 10 factories producing sportswear, including Adidas-London 2012 goods,  and uniforms for 2012 officials, in China, Sri Lanka and the Philippines. Evidence showed the systematic and widespread exploitation of workers in sportswear factories, including poverty pay, forced overtime, the repeated use of short-term contracts to deny workers legal entitlements, and workers being too frightened to join a union, for fear of losing their jobs.

Download the report.